Our basic sawing philosophy is to cut more for the artist than for the unblemished boards.  So, you are likely to be able to find wide matched pairs of boards with natural edges.  There are sawmills around central Texas that cut for grade (meaning they would rather have small clear pieces than large pieces filled with character.)


Typical boards sell for $10-12/bd ft.  Typical would be defined as 4-5' boards @ an average of 6-10" wide and 1" thick with some cracks and blemishes but stable in structure.


When the boards get much bigger than that, expect the board footage price to increase as well.  There is always a stack that runs $12-18/bd ft.  They are more in the range of 12" wide or more, 2" thick and about 5' long.  Wider and longer will be a bit more.  These boards are cut with table tops or counter tops in mind.


Then there are often a few that are in my "Retirement Stash" (meaning the $ comes out of your retirement fund and into mine).  These are reserved for "If you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford it."  But...if you want something extremely unique then these are the boards for you.  Some of these boards can even reach $50/bd ft.    If you want something that is EXTREMELY RARE - like a 10' table with one nice matched pair of boards, let me know.