I'm very new to turning on the lathe, but am having a lot of fun.  It's really hard to get anything else done.  It's my newest addiction.  Until February of 2014 I had only turned a few dozen pens and candlesticks and one bowl.  I began with rolling pins which immediately got boring and quickly moved to bowls.  In January 2015 I posted a challenge to turners on FB to turn 30 Bowls in 30 Days.  Did it again in 2016 & 2017. I think it will be an annual event.  


In 2015, I had my first booth at SWAT (Southwest Association of Woodturners) and now I am having a booth there and at AAW (American Association of Woodturners).



Some of my Turnings

SWAT - AAW - And other turning blank sales events...

My First 3 years of Turning