Until February of 2014 I had only turned a few dozen pens and candlesticks and one bowl.  I stopped because I could tell that the learning curve was big and I was  afraid that if I really got started turning that I would get addicted and not be able to accomplish anything else (you know...the things that pay the bills).   But, in 2014 I decided that I needed to either use the lathe that was taking up space in my shop, or get rid of it.  Besides, customers kept buying up my scraps and turning beautiful things from them.  I needed to learn how to turn even if for no other reason that to make money off the wood that I sold and to learn how thurners wanted blanks cut.  So,  I began with rolling pins which immediately got boring and quickly moved to bowls.  In January 2015 I posted a challenge to turners on FB to turn 30 Bowls in 30 Days.  I've done it most years since.


In 2015, I had my first booth at SWAT (Southwest Association of Woodturners) and for a few years I've also had a booth  at AAW (American Association of Woodturners).  Turning is not a firm addiction.  I met my husband on Facebook shortly after I started turning.  He wanted me to ship him some turning blanks.  I don't ship wood.  Eventually, our turning addictions brought us together and we married April 25, 2020.  Between the two of us we have about 25 lathes.  We've had a couple of  Hand's On Woodturning Events here and lots of one-on-one classes.  Hopefully, we will soon have some ongoing classes for groups of 4-5 students.



Some of Wendy & Gene's Turnings

SWAT - AAW - And other turning blank sales events...